Monday, October 31, 2011

V-Puff Hat with Easy Rolled Flower

*Red Heart Yarn in Navy and Gold (This hat took about 1/2 skein of navy and just enough Gold to make the flower as big as you want it-I use Red Heart Yarn often for hats and blankets because it's pretty much the only yarn available in my small town.  One thing I don't really like about this yarn is that while working with it, it's really stiff!  However, once you wash it, it becomes soft.    This hat came out just a little big on me, but after a wash, it was fine and became really soft.)
*H Hook
*Yarn Needle

Special Stitches Used:
PS=Puff Stitch (Insert hook, YO and pull up yarn to the same height as a DC or a ch 2.  YO, insert hook again, YO, pull up length of yarn.  YO, insert hook a third time, YO, pull up length of yarn.  YO and pull through all loops on the hook.  Chain 1 to secure.)

Vpuff=PS, ch1, PS

Magic Circle
R1:  *PS, ch 1* Repeat 7 times around.  Attach to the top of first PS with sl st.
R2:  Sl st in next 2 stitches, taking you to the chain 1 space.  Sl st in chain sp.  Vpuff in each ch sp around.  Attach to the top of first PS with sl st.
R3:  Sl st in next 2 stitches, taking you to the chain 1 space.  Sl st in chain sp.  *Vpuff, PS.* Repeat *-* to end of round.  Attach to the top of first PS with sl st.
R4:  Sl st in next 2 stitches, taking you to the chain 1 space.  Sl st in chain sp.  *PS, PS, Vpuff.*  Repeat *-* to end of round.  Attach to the top of first PS with sl st.
R5:  Sl st in next 2 stitches, taking you to the chain 1 space.  Sl st in chain sp.  *Skip ch sp, Vpuff*  Repeat to end of round.  Attach to the top of first PS with sl st.
R6-R11:  Sl st in chain sp.  Vpuff, *Skip ch sp, Vpuff* Repeat to end of round.  Attach to the top of first PS with sl st.
R12:  Ch 2.  DC in each st around.  Join with sl st in top of first stitch.
R13-14:  Sl st around next DC of previous row.  Ch 3.  FPTC around to end of row.  Join with sl st in top of first stitch.

Easy Rolled Flower
Using Gold Yarn

Chain 60
In every other stitch: SC, DC, TC, DC, SC.
Continue to end of chains.  Sl st in last stitch to finish and then leave a long tail to sew up the flower.  
Roll up the petals, using yarn needle and tail to sew up the flower as you roll up.  If you leave a long enough tail, you can also use that yarn to attach flower to hat.


  1. Very nice - looks good on you. :)

  2. Love your hat. I'll definitely be back!

  3. always so many beautiful things here-- thank you for sharing this lovely pattern.

  4. What do you mean in R5 skip ch sp , V-puff?

  5. teddybears, I will try to pull out some yarn in the next few days and work the pattern to see what I may have missed. Just by reading it, I think I may have made a mistake. It doesn't make sense to me that you would sl st into the space and then skip it. Try doing a v-puff first, then following as the pattern states (skipping the next ch sp and then doing a v-puff). Does that make sense? Let me know if that works for you. I will try it out for myself as soon as I can and make corrections. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! ;)

  6. Great! Let me know if there is anything else you need. I just finished answering some questions about another pattern and this one was next, so if you need any help, let me know. :)

  7. How do you start this project? I know that you start with a circle, but how many chain stitches to make it or??? Am I missing something here? Looks beautiful.......

  8. grace. the magic circle takes the place of the chain. There are videos on YouTube that show you how. the best one I found was by Teresa. Good luck

  9. Started making this lovely hat for my mother-in-law for Christmas, and have run into a few needs for clarification on your pattern:

    R1: is the 'ch 1' after the PS in addition to the ch 1 used to pull the PS together?

    R2: 'sl st in chain sp. vpuff in each ch sp around.' so is there a sl st and a vpuff in each ch sp? can you provide the total # of vpuffs made per round so I know I'm on the right track?

    I think your answer to the above q's will clarify the rest of the pattern. So sorry to berate you w/q's, but I just love this hat and want to be able to make it accurately. Many thanks.

  10. AMY...I know that in a previous post that Design Adventure stated that she was behind her posts due to working her Etsy store. However, I am making this same hat as you are, and the answer to your question in R1 is yes, ch1 in addition to the PS finishing stitch. In R2 the only ch1 is in the making of the VPuff. There are 8 VPuff stitches in R2. Hope this helps. And i hope i am right, is working for me ;>)

  11. thanks, Dolly! Super helpful!

  12. hey teddybears,
    how did you figure out round 5? i don't understand what i am supposed to v-puff into, chain or space? how many v-puffs are ultimately in round 5?

  13. I think it may be an error on my part. V puff in the first space, then skip the next space. Continue that for the round, vpuff in a space and then skip the next one.

  14. so up until round 12 we're basically working only in the chain spaces right?

    1. ex: rnd 3=(VP+PS) in each ch sp (middle of VP) around?
      rnd 4=(PS+PS+VP) in each ch sp around?

      am i on the right track? lol

  15. first, i have to say thank you for sharing this lovely hat, I've done r1~r14, but i'm kinda stuck right here,

    you said :
    R13-14: Sl st around next DC of previous row. Ch 3. FPTC around to end of row. Join with sl st in top of first stitch.
    (((do you mean
    R13: slst each DC frm previous row
    R14: ch 3, Front Post Triple crochet each DC from R12 to the end then join with sl ??)))

    and when i finish R13~R14how can i make the same( the final 3 rolls)edge/trim as the picture shows?
    thank you very much :)

  16. This hat is adorable! I found you via Pinterest and I've been browsing your blog and pinning all your other patterns so future projects. I'm your newest follower and can't wait to see what else you post.

    Christine @

  17. I've pinned several of your patterns on Pinterest, too. Thank you for sharing your lovely patterns!

  18. I am very confused on row 5can I get some help??

  19. Is there a better pattern for this hat posted elsewhere? These are very unclear and unfinished. Exactly what stitches on the pervious row are stitched starting with rnd 2! And exactly how is the brim stitched to look like the one pictured? I've been crocheting for nearly 40 years and can usually figure things out. Please post the entire pattern with clearer instructions for each round, how many PS and VPS at end of rnds, exactly which stitches from the previous rnd are to be worked in and exactly what you need to do to get the brim in the picture look the same on the hat your working?

    I really want to make this for a friend who is a Breast Cancer Victim. Please help!

  20. Okay! Got it figured out to RND 5. What stitches are stitched into? How many puffs/puffs at end of RND?

  21. I would love to know how many puffs are in each round too - it would make it easier to know if I was on the right track. If you can, please post and let us know. Thanks!

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  23. Rounds 13 and a slip stitch around the back of the first stitch of the previous round. Ch 3. Then do a Back Post Triple Crochet around each stitch of previous round. Sl st in top of first stitch at the end of each round. End of round 14 finish off and weave in ends. Using a BPTC gives the edging like shown in the pic of the blue hat above this pattern.