Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Day for Christmas Orders!

Design Adventures Etsy Shop
Today is the last day I will be accepting Christmas orders from the Etsy shop for this year!  You can certainly order after today, but it will not be arriving in time for Christmas.  You can also order the Boot Socks Pattern at any time and it will be emailed out within 24 hours of payment.  

Thank you to everyone who is following along with the blog!  My apologies for being slow with responses the last few weeks!  The blog and the shop really grew faster than I had expected, and I am SO grateful for that!  I appreciate everyone's support and patience with me as I navigate through all of this.  You're all truly AWESOME!  I'm loving the way you are helping each other through comments!  I have some orders to bust through in the next week and then I will be making some video tutorials in response to some questions I have received.  Stick around, I'll have some great free patterns coming out after the holidays!

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