Friday, October 7, 2011

Crochet in the news

I remember when a friend of mine at work told me that she crocheted.  I thought, isn't that what cute little old ladies do when they want to make an heirloom to pass on to the grandkids?  I've seen some crocheted items and really didn't have much of an interest.  I liked fun, modern, romantic things...  and all I could picture was a sweet old lady making oddly colored afghans.  Then, my friend came to work with a top she had made for her daughter and I saw crochet from a completely different angle!  I set my prejudice aside and started to see more of the things she had made.  I saw things that others had made in the community, then on the Internet and I was blown away!  The talent these people had was amazing!  I was hooked (pun intended) and decided I wanted to learn.  Thus, my love for crochet was born!

I'm always happy to read about others who share my passion.  My fantastic husband brought this article to my attention yesterday and I wanted to share it.  Yes, I know he's a cute little old man, but who doesn't need to find an activity that helps you to calm your nerves...  and could win you prizes!

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  1. Thank you!! My granddaughter is nine years old and is trying to learn..She says that she is little me..

  2. All 3 of my grands want to learn. I'm so excited to be teaching them!