Monday, October 3, 2011

Easy Ruffled Squares

I'm so excited to get going with this blog!  This is already so much fun!  Today, I have some more ruffles for you! ;)

Here is a beautiful ruffled square.  The center square is done in one piece, then the ruffled edge is added.

Here is the square without the ruffled edge.  I plan to use both squares for a baby blanket.

Want the instructions?  Of course you do!

Easy Ruffled Squares

*I Hook (5.50MM)
*Caron's Simply Soft Yarn in Persimmon

-Chain 25
-Row 1: SC in 2nd chain from hook.  SC to end of row*. Ch 1, turn.
-Row 2-28: Repeat Row 1 to *.  Without cutting the string, SC around the entire square.  Sl st into first SC.  This will leave you with the regular square above.  You can either stop here (by tying off and weaving in the ends) or continue on and add ruffles.  If you're going to add ruffles, do not cut your string yet!

To add ruffles:
-Ch 3.  2 DC in same stitch.  3 DC in each stitch around the square.  Sl st into first DC made, tie off and weave in ends.

You can sew squares together in any matter that suits you best.  :)

Here is a strip of the squares after being sewn together.  I alternated the ruffled squares with the non-ruffled squares.  After sewing all the squares in strips, there are a few options.  I think the best option would be to leave a non-ruffled edge all around the blanket.  This may mean adding a border of non-ruffled squares to the entire blanket (which means you need to make a lot of extra squares) or, when ruffling the squares, leave one side unruffled (having only 3 ruffled sides).  When all of your squares are sewn together, Use the ruffling technique to make the edging for the entire blanket.

How do you like my new "ruffle" terminology?  Non-ruffled, ruffled, ruffling, unruffled...   *giggle*

I'll let you  know when my blanket is done and how I finished it off.  ;)

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