Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year - Pom Pom Hat

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2012

Were the holidays as busy and crazy for you as they were for me?  Wow!  What an end to the year!  2011 was great, and I am looking forward to a fun and adventurous new year in 2012!

I'm excited to start off the new year with a new pattern!  Sometimes I want an easy hat, but I don't want to do the same old single or double crochet.  I like to mix texture in, and keep things interesting without getting too complicated.  Crochet is supposed to be fun and relaxing, right?  The seed stitch technique lets you have the fun of textured stitches, without being too complicated or making you crazy when you lose your place or forget which stitch you're on!  This hat looks more complicated than it really is!  I'd rate this hat as Easy-Peasy!  ;)

White, Teal & Red Pom Pom Hat

This hat has beautiful colors and is fun to wear!

The combination of stitches makes this fast and easy hat look sophisticated.

Who doesn't love a good pom pom?  ;)
Toddler Sized Pom Pom Hat

- H Hook
- Caron Simply Soft Yarn in White, Blue Mint & Autumn Red
- Pom Pom Maker (or cardboard to create one-can come from a simple cereal box)

Special Stitch used:
Seed Stitch: *1 SC, 1 DC* repeated to end of round.  On next round of seed stitch, reverse the order (*1 DC, 1 SC*) so that the DC is made in SC of previous row, and SC is made in DC of previous row.

Begin with White

Chain an even number of stitches.  I did 36, but in hindsight, that was a bit too much for my daughter.  I'd recommend making a chain that extends about 1/2 inch beyond the corners of the head if you were measuring up from the ears.  The foundation chain is the top of the hat.

R1: SC in 2nd ch from hook, and each chain across.  3 SC in last stitch, turning around as you go.  SC in each chain across on the other side (making this into a round).  3 SC in last stitch.  Sl st in first SC made.

R2-R10: Ch 1.  Seed Stitch (will be known as SS throughout the rest of the pattern) around.  Sl st in first stitch made.

R11-R12: Change color to Blue Mint.  Ch 1.  SS around. Sl st in first stitch made.

R13: Change color to White.  Ch 1.  SS around. Sl st in first stitch made.

R14: Change color to Autumn Red.  Ch 1.  SS around. Sl st in first stitch made.

R15:Change color to White.  Ch 1.  SS around. Sl st in first stitch made.

R16-17:Change color to Blue Mint.  Ch 1.  SS around. Sl st in first stitch made.

R18-R20:  Change color to White.  Ch 1.  SS around. Sl st in first stitch made.  Tie off end at the end of last round.

The size of this hat can easily be adjusted as you see fit.  To make larger or smaller, adjust the amount of chains you'll make at the beginning of the pattern (keeping it an even number to allow for the pattern of the seed stitch), and making more o less rows depending on the length desired.


For my pom poms, I used a pom pom maker that I picked up at my local craft store for about $5.  I've seen them in JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby and Walmart, and I'm sure you can find them in just about any craft section that is selling yarn and hooks.  They are cheap and easy to use.  Just follow the directions on you pom pom maker (as models vary) and sew them on in the top corners of the hat.

If you don't have a pom pom maker, you can make one using cardboard.  Some people find this easy, so you may want to give it a shot before you run out looking for a pom pom maker!

Take cardboard and cut out 2 donut shapes.  I'd recommend keeping the diameter around 5-6 inches, but the donuts need to be the same size.

You will then hold the two donut shapes together and wrap a length of yarn around the shapes, from the outside of the donut to the center of the donut.  You will end up with what looks like a donut wrapped in yarn.  The amount of yarn you use the wrap it is up to you.  I used 3 strands of yarn, and used a length of yarn that was about 3 feet long.  You don't need to use that much, but keep in mind that the fullness of your pom pom depends on how much yarn you use.  Don't go crazy, but don't skimp out either.

Now you will take a pair of scissors and cut the yarn between the two donuts.  When you have cut all the strands DO NOT PULL THE DONUTS APART!  Leave them close together, take another strand of yarn that is about 10 inches long and wrap it around the center of the strands, between the donut shapes.  Tie it up, then gently pull the shapes apart.  Roll your pompom gently between your hands to fluff it up, then attach to your hat.  :)

In case you'd like to see the technique, here is a video I found on YouTube:

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  1. Love the hat. It is indeed sophisticated!