Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello, world!

I am beginning this blog due to the sweet encouragement of my loved ones...  I have always been one to create (art, crafts, deliciousness, trouble...) and would like to share some of those ideas with you!

My apologies for what I'm sure are to be very uneventful posts in the beginning.  As I have been creating projects, I had no intention of posting them on the Internet.  So, I have no patterns for these projects since I just pulled them out of my head.  If there is something you are truly in love with, let me know and I will attempt to recreate it, either for you to buy or to get you the pattern.

I also apologize for the quality of these photos.  I just took them with my phone's camera - again, I had no intention of sharing them with the world! You get the point, though...

This was created using Caron's Simply Soft yarn in Persimmon

My adorable model ;)
Another adorable model...  You'll see a lot of these girls!  This is a rosette tee I made.  I used 2 shirts of the same color and made the rolled roses from strips of fabric from the second shirt.  The end result is super cute and this is still one of my daughters favorite shirts.  However, since this is a somewhat heavy fabric, the shirt is weighted down on the side full of flowers.  If I were to do this again, I'd make less flowers, OR...

...I would do what I did with this shirt.  This is a white shirt, but I used a lighter fabric to make the rosettes.  The fabric is actually one of those thin towels you can get at the dollar store, cut into strips about 2 inches wide.  The length of the strip will determine how big your rosettes will be.  I rolled the fabric over itself, then rolled it into a circle shape while I stitched with a needle and thread.  Only took about an hour from start to finish.
I have plenty of other ideas, but I wanted to give you a little sampler of what will be here until I can finish up some other projects.  I hope you all enjoy this blog!

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