Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ruffle Bag

I grew up with two brothers.  I was the only girl (and the youngest), so I was a little bit spoiled.  However, I was never afraid to play sports or climb trees with my brothers!  The older I get, the more girly I get.  Not that I won't still yell at the TV if my football team is driving me crazy!!  But, I will make sure I'm pretty while I'm yelling.  ;)

I have a love for lace, pearls and ruffles.  :)  Girly things are beautiful!  This bag was inspired by my love for ruffles!

I used Caron's Simply Soft yarn in Vanilla.  Again, my apologies for having no pattern for this bag!  I made it in two pieces, the front panel is ruffled and the back panel is not.  You could easily do two ruffled panels if you wanted to!  Both sides took about 1 skein of yarn each, and the non-ruffled panel was crocheted using two strands to give it some extra strength.  The back panel is made of DC's and so is the strap.  It's  a fun and sweet bag!


  1. A girl after my own heart. I'm all about pearls, doilies and lace. My house looks like a grandma lives here :) Poor Josh, you should see our bedroom. Pearls hanging over the bed :) The bag is darling. Everything you make is darling :) Love ya

  2. Josh is a brave man. My hubby wouldn't let me get away with that... until we moved into this house that was owned by a 90-year old Grandma! Now my stuff fits right in! ;) Thanks for following, Deb!