Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Soap Scrubbie

I made this for my oldest son.  He has Keratosis Pilaris on his arms and face (little flesh colored bumps) and was told to exfoliate them when he showers.  I figured this would help him out.  :)  It's just a cotton pouch that you can open up, put a bar of soap in and lather up.

Soap Scrubbie

100% Cotton Yarn (I used Lily Sugar & Creme)
H Hook

Ch 9
R1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each chain across to last stitch.  3 sc in last chain.  You will now work in the other side of the foundation chain.  Sc in each ch to last stitch.  3 sc in last ch.  Join with sl st.
R2: Ch 2.  *1 sc in each stitch until you reach the 2nd of the 3 corner stitches.  3 sc in 2nd corner stitch.*  Repeat on other side.  1 sc.  Join with sl st.  
R3 - R14: Ch 2.  1 sc in each stitch asround.  Join with sl st. 

At the end of R14, tie off and hide ends.  

Make a long strand of chains (I made 52 chains) to use to tie the bag closed.  Weave the strand between the stitches of the top row in any fashion you desire.  I weaved between each stitch.

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  1. Does R3-R14…only start with a ch2 on each round around as not sure because there are no asterisks determining this …Thank you