Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Rug

Happy Flag Day!  And...  Happy Anniversary to the greatest husband a wife could ask for!

Also, I just want to express my gratitude for everyone who puts up a flag on our anniversary.  It's good to know that the whole country is rooting for us and supports our family and marriage.  Thanks, America!  ;)

Ha ha, but seriously...  Words could never properly convey the love and appreciation I have for my husband.  There is such comfort in being able to be myself with him, 100% of the time.  I can be silly, angry, sad, sappy, tired, cranky, goofy, hyper, happy, or any number of things and I know he will stick with me with every ounce of love he's had for me since the day we were married.  That kind of loyalty is a rare gem. 

In honor of the occasion, I thought about crocheting a gigantic blanket with my husband's face on it... 

Ha ha, no, I really didn't.  ;) 

I actually wanted to honor Flag Day. 

Flag Rug

Materials:  Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn in Cincinnati Red (2 skeins), New York White (2 skeins), and San Diego Navy (1 skein) - or other Super Bulky Weight Yarn
N Hook

Begin with Red.
Ch 53 (or to desired length).
DC in 4th ch from hook, and each stitch across.  Turn.
Switch to White.
Ch 3.  DC in each stitch across.  Turn.
Switch to Red.
Ch 3.  DC in each stitch across.  Turn.

Continue in a similar fashion, DC'ing across each row, but switching colors between red and white to create the striped effect.  Continue this until you have the desired height of the rug, taking into account the border.

Use Blue.
Beginning in any corner, attach yarn and chain 3.  4 DC in same corner stitch.  DC in each stitch (make 2 DC in each stitch when working along the sides of the rug, where the stitches are tall).  Make 5 DC stitches in each corner stitch.  Join with sl st to top of ch 3.

I am thinking of embellishing this with a star motif.  If I do (if I have time!) I'll post the pattern for that as well!


  1. Pretty, but doesn't it seem disrespectful to be stepping on a flag. It's recommend against adding stars.