Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hood Hat

This hat is SO easy, and produces a really cute result!  The girls absolutely love them!  In fact, I made one for Lili and Meili fell in love with it, so I had to make another right away!  Check out those pretty girls!  ;)

Super Duper Easy Hood Hat

I Hook
Caron Simply Soft Yarn in your choice of colors (I used Strawberry for one hat, and Passion for another)
Red Heart Soft Yarn (not shown, but could be used)
Red Heart Shimmer (I used Pewter in both hats)

Hold 2 strands of yarn together throughout pattern.
Ch 72
R1: Dc in 3rd ch from hook.  Sc in next st.  *1 dc.  1 sc*  Repeat to end of row.  Turn.
R2-20: Ch 2.  *1 dc.  1 sc*  Repeat to end of row.

Stop here to fit a toddler.  Continue to 24 rows for child sizes, 26-28 rows for teen or adult sizes.

At the end of your last row, do not cut your yarn!  Fold your work in half, putting the shorter ends together.  Using your yarn, sc through both sides to attach the sides together, making the hood.

For the braids:

Measure out about 20 strands of yarn to be TWICE the length you want your braids to be.  Using a large crochet hook (or your fingers if you are well coordinated!) and pull the strands through the corner stitch at the bottom of the hood.  The middle of all the strands should be where the crochet stitch is, and you should half equal amounts of yarn on either side.  Put the ends together and braid.  Wrap yarn around the bottom of your braid and tie a knot to hold together.  Trim the ends to make them even if needed.  Repeat on the other side. 


  1. I can't wait to try this it looks so fun!

  2. Oh wow, those hat are so cute!!! No wonder the girls loved them! Thank you so much for the pattern, I will try it some day!
    Best, LS

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  4. would bulky yarn (5) work for this pattern as well? thanks!

  5. Starting this right now for my granddaughters.
    Thank YOU

  6. I love the effect of this hat, both the cute "pixie" look and the texture. But I just started making one, and I feel like it's using up tons of yarn. How much yarn will I need for one hat (it doesn't say on the pattern)?