Friday, November 9, 2012

Big Bow Headband

Big Bow Headband

This is going to be a fun hair accessory for girls to wear to all of those holiday gatherings!

Caron Simply Soft yarn in your choice of color (I used Autumn Red)
H Hook

*Note: This pattern was written to fit my petite 3 year old.  The pattern is adjustable, though!  To make larger or smaller, just begin the band with enough chains to fit your child's head snugly.  Once you start to stitch into the chains, they will stretch slightly-plus, as the headband is worn, it is likely that it will stretch out a bit and you want it to stay fairly snug on the child's head.  You can also consider purchasing some elastic (as in the elastic used for waistbands in sewing) and sew that inside the headband. 

Option 1:
Ch 68 (or to fit circumference of head).  Join with sl st in 1st ch made. Ch 2.  DC in each stitch around.  Join in top of 1st DC made.

Option 2-a little more snug:
Ch 68 (or to fit circumference of head).  DC in 3rd ch from hook, and each ch across.  Tie off yarn.  With this option, you should attach a button or some elastic to hold it in place on the head.

Ch 30. Join with sl st in first ch made.  
R1-R4:  Ch 2.  DC in each st around.  Join with sl st in top of first st.
 At the end of R4, tie off yarn.

Center of Bow:
Ch 10.  DC in 2nd ch from hook and each st across.  

Putting it all together:
Lay "Bow" on top of band where you would like to attach it.  Take "Center" and wrap it around the bow and the band, then sew the ends together on the inside (where it will lay against the head).  I recommend using a few stitches to attach the bow directly to the band as well, otherwise the bow will slide freely along the band.

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