Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Star & Wreath Ornaments

Star and Wreath Ornaments

Star Ornament

H Hook
Cotton Yarn (I used Peaches & Cream in Ecru)
Optional Materials:
Wooden Button
Thick Ribbon
Sewing Needle & Thread (to sew on button)
Glue Gun (to ensure that threads don't come loose after sewing)

Ch 5.  Join in first ch made to form a ring.  
R1: Ch 3 (counts as DC).  2 DC in ring.  Ch 5.  *3 DC in ring.  Ch 5.*  Repeat 3 more times.  Join in top of first ch 3.  You should have a total of 5 chain spaces.
R2: Ch 1.  * SC in first st.  Sk 1 st.  SC in next st.  In ch sp: 3 SC.  Ch 2.  SC in 3rd SC made to create picot.  2 SC*  Repeat around to create star.  Join with sl st in first st made.  
Optional Decorating:  Cut a length of ribbon and fold in half.  Place the cut ends underneath a point of the star.  Place button on top of the star and sew through all layers to attach button and ribbon to the star.  Use a dot of hot glue on the ends of thread after sewing to ensure that your knots don't come undone.

Wreath Ornament

H Hook
Cotton Yarn (I used Peaches & Cream in Forest Green)

Optional Materials:
Thin ribbon
Glue Gun

Ch 10.  Join to form ring.
R1: Ch 1.  15 SC around chains.  Join in top of first SC made.
R2: Ch 2.  Working in FRONT LOOPS ONLY:  3 DC in each st around.  Join in first st made.  Ch 1.  Sl st around the post of ch 2 (you are working toward the base of this round).  Ch 1.  Sl st into bottom of the first DC made and drop yarn from hook.  Turn the entire piece over.  The side you are now looking at is the front.  
R3: Insert hook through the work in the place closest to where you dropped the yarn from the hook.  Pick up yarn and pull it through to the front.  Turn work 180 degrees (upside down, but keep the front facing you).  Working in FRONT LOOPS ONLY (these are what was the back loops that you did not work in previously):  3 SC in each st.  Join in top of first SC made.  Tie off and hide ends.

Optional Decorating:  Create a bow out of the thin ribbon.  Use glue to tack down the ends of the bow.  You can also embellish with small buttons, glued to the bow.

I also tied yarn to the top of the wreath to create a loop to hang from the tree.


  1. I really love these!!! If you haven't posted these to pintrest yet you should, tons of people would love to make these for Christmas this year. The star is my favorite!

  2. In fact I think this is so cute Im going to pin it for you!!!